Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is a rockabilly trio consisting of Sandro Valente (vocals, rhythm guitar), Walter Thut (lead guitar) and

Robert Walser (double bass). 

The band plays classic rockabilly and the sound takes us back to the good ol’ days, when DJs played records in a radio station or you could put a nickel in a jukebox.


Lucky 7 plays concerts and festivals, but can also be booked for your private party. The program consists of both cover versions and original songs.


Experience pure joy in the music and let yourself be carried away by the driving sound. 

Band Members:

Sandro Valente – vocals, rhythm guitar

Play Rockabilly and you don't need a doctor!

Sandro started playing in bands very late. All the more so is his hunger for hot concerts and musical parties. Put some cool guys aside and he'll always be on a stage somewhere in the world singing his soul out of his body.


The bands:

·        Rhythm Train

·        The Rockin’ Hillbillies (only for a very short time)

·        The Rockabees

·        The Starcruisers

·        The Rockabilly Bones

·        Lucky 7

Robert Walser alias Bobby Blackfinger – double bass 

Bobby Blackfinger is an accomplished double bass player with a lot of rhythm in his blood, the Minister of Rhythm.

After learning to play bass at a young age, he has been successful in various combos to this day:


·        Boogie Woogie Band

·        The Grovers

·        Rhythm 55

         Bobby toured throughout Europe with Rhythm 55

·        The Buffalo Chips

·        Lucky 7 

Walter Thut – lead guitar


Walter Thut is a rockabilly guitarist with body and soul, who decisively shapes the sound of his bands.

His musical career is very diverse and influenced by prestigious moments such as performances at Rockabilly Rave or Viva Las Vegas and a No. 1 hit in Finland and much more. He also accompanied stars such as Barbara Pittmann, Sleepy la Beef, The Questionaires and Ray Campi on their tours.


His bands are:

·        Hot Rhythm Combo

·        The Little Green Man

·        'Neil Sanecki & the Debonnaires

·        Hot Stuff

·        Jerry & the Rockets

·        The Rockets

·        Broken Spoke, later named Marc and the boiled Crawfisch

·        Rhythm Train

·        The Jackalopes

·        Lucky 7